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Extra fuel tank

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Extra fuel tank

Post by Michelle » Wed Apr 24, 2019 9:59 pm

I have a 1988 XV400 and found out that its range is only about 160kms. In Australia that is terrible and would see me having to carry extra fuel reserves on some runs. My bike is fitted with the tank under the seat. The upper fuel tank is actually the airbox cover. So I'm wondering if the "upper" fuel tank from a 1989 onwards XV535 would fit as an extra tank. Has anyone done or tried this before?
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Re: Extra fuel tank

Post by geezyrider » Fri Apr 26, 2019 10:13 am

Hi Michelle,
I own a 1994 XV535 Virago. I think that you are confusing the air filter UNDER the man tank that feeds a square tank with a pump in it under and to the rear of the main tank. ( you can hear the pump run when you turn the key on until it gets up to pressure in a short few seconds) My tank is 3.6 gallons including reserve, about 2.99 imperial gallons) I get 40-55 miles per gallon depending on how fast or slow I decide to drive. I get to about 140 miles (not Kilo's) before hitting reserve. Your tank may be quite a bit smaller which would make it hit reserve sooner and thus the 99.5 miles. I took an extra gallon of gas along with me one time and then let the motorcycle quit when it hit reserve. That will tell you how far you have gone before hitting reserve. Fill the tank with your extra can and remember the mileage. Because you would want to remember the mileage and hit reserve about 20 kilometers before you hit reserve mileage because if you wait until it runs out before hitting reserve you may kill he battery cranking it so long to get fuel to the carbs. I hope this helps you out. BTW, the reserve switch should be on the same handle bar cluster as the starter switch unless yours is on the petrol valve where you switch it over.
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Re: Extra fuel tank

Post by ViragoJoe » Fri Apr 26, 2019 10:52 am

Below is a excerpt taken from Dr. Piston article on Virago Fuel Systems:

"Random note on fuel systems: The Virago's covered in this article have gravity feed, or electric fuel pump systems. But the XV 500, and some other Yamaha models have fuel pumps driven by vacuum from the engine. If you have one of these pumps and run out of gas, you may have to run your starter a good long while for these pumps to refill the float bowls. Go easy on that starter system and don’t crank it continuously. Or you could possibly pull the fuel lines off from the carbs, and prime the bowls directly."

By not letting the starter cool can cause catastrophic damage to the starter:

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