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Owen Sound Ontario

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Re: Owen Sound Ontario

Post by ViragoJoe » Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:25 am

Are you aware of any source that covers the full XV Virago model line up?

I'll see if Rob can set up an info section. I would like to find the full model line up to incorporate in Virago Help. We need more than just the early years.

1996 XV1100SH Virago Special
"Never ride faster than your Guardian Angel can fly!!"

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Re: Owen Sound Ontario

Post by Laufey » Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:19 pm

https://www.motorcyclespareparts.eu/yam ... refix.aspx is about the closest I found before the one in my last post. I don't know of any other listing like that one ( more info than I had seen before) but there is probably something similar for models after 1989. I did notice that it only had motorcycle numbers and nothing for the other products listed on the opening page so I would think there is indeed more SOMEWHERE.


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