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1986 750 virago

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1986 750 virago

Post by jay » Wed Nov 09, 2016 5:01 pm

I recently bought this barn bike which seemed to be running fine at first but will not run for any length of time anymore. The petcock has been replaced as it was leaking. Carbs have been cleaned but the bike will only run for a short while on choke and then dies.

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Re: 1986 750 virago

Post by Rob » Wed Nov 09, 2016 8:57 pm

Are you certain that it is a fuel issue. Some of the electronic components can start failing after sitting a long time. I found a xv750 82' that was stored for almost 20 years. I did the same as you, cleaned and rebuilt the carbs. Then had a constant fight with the tci(computer). I had even replaced all the resistors in it with higher temp resistors and was still having an issue. The tci also is known for failing from vibration and heat, after the bike sitting, causing the soldier connections to crack. Only cure for this is re-soldering all the connections inside trhe tci. These bikes are also notorious for letting fuel by the carbs and straight into the oil. So keep an eye as mine filled right up with fuel. I ended up adding inline shut-offs between the fuel tank and carbs. This wont stop it from running but could cause some very serious problems if you don't catch it right away. Especially with it sitting for so long. You said you cleaned the carbs, you likely will have to tear them down completely and possibly replace a few parts. It doesn't take much at all to have carb problems and fuel turn solid over time so there are plenty of little areas in them carbs to block up.
1. Make sure the oil ins't full of fuel.
2. Triple check those carburetors and make sure ALL the jets, and fuel paths, are completely clean. Check to make sure the diaphragm isn't torn or punctured. There are a few youtube videos showing exactly how to tear down them carbs all the way.
3. Make sure to eliminate it being a random loss of spark caused likely by bad electronic components.

Let me know how it goes. I also have PDF's of the repair manuals covering that year bike incase you do not have one I can PM you a link to download it. Good luck!

PS: post a few pics of her so we can see how nice a barn find you got there 8-) Lucky you.
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