What Cylinder Is Number One On My Virago (Front or Rear?) [INFO.]

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What Cylinder Is Number One On My Virago (Front or Rear?) [INFO.]

Post by ViragoJoe » Thu Jan 13, 2022 6:50 am

Here's information to explain Cylinder Number assignments #1 vs #2:

Cam shaft for Cylinder #1 Rear will have a 1 embossed on its Cam Shaft.
Cam shaft for Cylinder #2 Front will have a 2 embossed on its Cam Shaft.

Click Image to enlarge:
Camshafts-chains XV535.png

Crankshaft and two camshafts on xv535 - SOHC

The diagram above depicts two camshafts (#1, #2) with sprockets (#8). Camshafts (front and rear one) are not identical! Each camshaft has its own profile and its own number is engraved on it corresponding to the cylinder this camshaft belongs to. At the bottom of diagram there is the crankshaft with axle which has smaller gears on both sides. These gears are used for transferring synchronization to camshafts over timing chains (#7). In order time chains to be always tense there are dampers (#12, #13) and tensioners (#9).

Note one interesting part oil baffle (#3) which resides on one cylinder only (rear one for xv535).
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