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Yamaha Virago XV400 Workshop Manual

This area is for sharing various service manuals and other relevant documentation applying to the Yamaha Virago.
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Yamaha Virago XV400 Workshop Manual

Post by Rob » Sun May 12, 2019 3:38 pm

From what I understand A great Gal from Australia "Michelle" has an XV400 and she's developed a service manual for it from a Clymer 535 manual.
I am posting this version as V2.0 and as edits or changes are made I will increase the revision number to reflect the changes.
Many thanks to Michelle for putting together this Yamaha Virago XV400 Service/Workshop Manual. I look forward to working with you Michelle on this. I was asked by ViragoJoe to convert it to PDF and I have done so an uploaded it to our servers. Please just let me know when changes have been made and send me the changes. I will make the edits to the PDF and change the revision number accordingly.
It is because of amazing people like Michelle that make the Virago community so awesome!!

Here is the download link: https://www.viragohelp.com/phpbb3/Docs/ ... l 2.0.pdf

This XV400 Manual is not an approved version of the Clymer Yamaha Virago Service Manual (Copyright 2004) original work by PRIMEDIA Business Magazines & Media Inc, and is strictly not for sale or retail distribution.
The Clymer Service Manual M395-10 (Yamaha XV535-1100 1981-2003) was used as base material with sections being deleted or altered to reflect the data and service procedures relevant to the XV400 Virago Motorcycle as it was released in Japan.
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