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Wheel/Tire information [CLOSED]

This section is for Motorcycles other than the Yamaha Virago.

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Wheel/Tire information [CLOSED]

Post by The_Proletariat » Tue Aug 23, 2016 12:09 pm

My 2 year old front Kenda tire has been leaking air. The leak is getting worse so I sprayed the tire with soapy water. I fixed one rim leak but in the process caused another rim leak, far worse.

When I mounted this tire I used PB Blaster as lube and cleaned the bead area of corrosion. I specifically did not use soapy water to prevent future corrosion. Anyways 2 years later this wheel's bead area looks terrible. Corrosion everywhere. How can this happen?

I attempted to remove the tire and found this - a hole or flaw in the tire that bubbles up even with the tire bead broken (no air pressure in the tire).
Another forum has suggested I replace this tire and common sense tells me that is the right way to go.

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