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"WARNING" - Flywheel (Rotor) Removal - "WARNING" [INFO.]

This area is for sharing Maintenance Procedures & Information related to the Yamaha Virago Electrical System.
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"WARNING" - Flywheel (Rotor) Removal - "WARNING" [INFO.]

Post by ViragoJoe » Thu Aug 22, 2019 1:50 pm

Lately . . . there has been a few talking point topics regarding Flywheels and their possible Removal.

Please note the following by one of our Renowned Virago Guru's:

There are safety issues here, so what you do is strictly your own responsibility!!

Pulling a Flywheel ("Rotor")

Most Virago owners will never have a need to pull a flywheel, (also called “rotor”). This unit is keyed onto a taper at the left end of the crank shaft and you remove the left side cover to get to it. The thing is, the flywheel is on there really tight. The first challenge you’ll encounter is the large retaining nut that holds it on and is heavily torqued. You may need air wrench to coax that off. Then you are faced with pulling the flywheel. Using a suitable puller (and hopefully a heat gun) the method is to apply pressure to the puller and heat to the center of the rotor.

My first experience went like this. The amount of pressure needed on the puller became what seemed to me really excessive, and yet the flywheel wouldn’t come. So more pressure and more heat. When the flywheel finally broke loose, it flew off the engine and across my garage, like a canon shot. I thought about that a bit, and the next time I had to pull one, I made a washer out of an old piece of inner tube and placed it onto the shaft and against the flywheel. Then I screwed the retaining nut back on just finger tight. Then I applied the heat and pressure. When the flywheel broke loose this time it did so with a soft “dink” and didn’t go anywhere. I removed the retaining nut and the washer, and lifted it off.

Don't take anything for granted when working on your Virago's for there are consequences for doing it wrong!!
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Re: "WARNING" - Flywheel (Rotor) Removal - "WARNING" [INFO.]

Post by Arjay » Sun Aug 25, 2019 5:17 am

Near exactly same thing I experienced, lucky for me I put the nut back on finger tight before mine came off with a bang.!!!

The other thing to mention is to put a drill bit in the small hole of split gear so that both sections of that split gear teeth align. When teeth align this allows a gear behind flywheel to stay with flywheel.

Else the gear separate from flywheel dropping 6 springs and 6 pins.

I dont understand the springs purpose but each spring should have a metal pin, and each slot(3) gets 2 springs. The gear attaches to back of flywheel with tabs that fit between 2 springs.

You align each tab to fit in center gap created by 2 springs in each of the 3 flywheel slots. The pins are magnetic, facing same poles causes springs to make a gap in center. You aim each 3 tabs on gear and press them into those gaps. The gear stays in place.

I'm not sure but it might be like a shock absorber for sudden engagements.
Anybody have knowledge of purpose of split gear and gear behind flywheel purpose please speak up.

Thanks in advance.

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