1995 XV1100 quality heated grips and AUX headlights? (Oakland CA)

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Re: 1995 XV1100 quality heated grips and AUX headlights? (Oakland CA)

Post by jsyzdek » Tue Nov 23, 2021 9:46 pm

OK, a quick update for those interested:
I bought a different LED H4 bulb:

I run two of these in my SV650S and they are about as bright as I was ever able to get and they have lasted me over a year at this point. I had a different one fitted into the Virago (which crapped out) because it has a little smaller opening in the fixture. I decided to use my trusty Dremel and make this new bulb fit. Hopefully this will be the end of it, and I won't need aux lights because this one is really bright. Still, they advertise it as 35W and it's really 24.3W. It draws 2.02A at 12V and 1.75A at 14V.

As for my heated grips issue: that was not poor product quality. As I finally got to fixing a few different things on the bike, I found the place where the wire going from the battery to the panel in the front, was rubbing against a metal piece and was creating an intermittent short. So it was really my poor workmanship, not poor product. It was really hard to see. I'm glad I put that in-line fuse at the battery, otherwise this could've been a lot worse than just an annoyance.
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