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This area is for sharing Maintenance Procedures & Information related to the Yamaha Virago Ignition System.

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Post by ViragoJoe » Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:34 am

Hard to reach screw to remove the Solenoid Cover. Usually, an offset screw driver is required to remove that screw. Finding one with J.I.S. tips is another story. But, can be found. However, there is another method in removing that pesky screw:

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and correct picture orientation:
Solenoid Screw Full Cvr 20171207_080733.jpg
Solenoid Screw 20171205_164050.jpg
The center punch initially will need to be placed at a angle with tip on screw head side surface with hammer end of punch at 2 o'clock position and with a firm strike to the center punch to create a dimple in the side on the screw head side surface. Once the dimple is created. Upright the punch to 12 o'clock position and then lightly tap the center punch. This will cause an impact affect to the screw and start to loosen the screw. No need for brute hammer force for you will just remove metal and possibly the dimple to cause you to start over. Be patient it will loosen. Note: a small blade cole (cold) chisel will also work.

Suggestion: Once both screw are removed. Go to your friendly (or not so friendly) hardware and get recessed hex head screws to make your installation easier than the removal. A little anti-seize compound on the threads wouldn't hurt either.

Further Info:
"The JIS B 1012 is commonly found in Japanese equipment. It looks like a Phillips screw, but is designed not to cam out and will therefore be damaged by a Phillips screwdriver if it is too tight. Heads are usually identifiable by a single dot or an "X" to one side of the cross slot.

Specific "JIS" standardized cruciform-blade screwdrivers are available for this type of screw."
Screw_Head_-_JIS_B_1012.jpg (2.97 KiB) Viewed 774 times
1996 XV1100SH Virago Special
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