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Posted: Wed May 20, 2015 12:39 pm
by Rob
Share those Virago projects! Don’t really have any rules to impose.(not yet anyhow) So go ahead and start a thread titles with your project and post away! Feel free to link to your youtube videos or where ever else you might have media on your project you want to share. All I ask is if you start a post that you clearly show what you are doing and how it was done and that you keep your posting up with updates till the project is finished. Can’t wait to see the various mods people come up with. I myself have a 1982 Virago XV750J that is basically stock except for a set of Jardine pipes and a Mustang seat. So you never know…. I might like your DIY project so much I might do it! Either way I am sure other Virago owners would love to see the hard work others are doing to their bikes. Peace.