A.I.S. (Air Induction System) AIR FILTER [INFO.]

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A.I.S. (Air Induction System) AIR FILTER [INFO.]

Post by ViragoJoe » Fri Feb 19, 2021 8:32 am

Just to make those that are not aware of all the Filters that are on our Virago's.

Most are aware that the Virago has a Carburetor Air Filter.

Some Virago's like the XV535 and some larger bikes have a Fuel Filter.

But are you aware that there is another Air Cleaner/Filter on your Virago.

Although we periodically change our Air Filter for the Carburetors. No one changes the A.I.S. A/Filter.
One reason for that is that it isn't available from Yamaha as a replacement item.
However, they can get dirty as the carburetor A/Filter does.. Especially, if the bike is 25 to 30 years old.

Just a suggestion. Remove this Air filter and blow it out with an air hose. You may find that your bike may run better and eliminate some of the annoying minor backfiring.

Those of us that still have the A.I.S. (Air Induction System) on our iron maidens.
This Air Filter is located in #4 in the below schematic.

Click Image to Enlarge:
Air Induction System Components.png
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