beefier rear shocks for 1995 XV1100?

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Re: beefier rear shocks for 1995 XV1100?

Post by jsyzdek » Mon Nov 23, 2020 12:32 pm

Agreed. I got enough road rash as a kid riding a bicycle. I wanted none of that as a grown up with a family to feed, at 5-7x the speed.

There is always a calculated risk in riding, and everyone's calculation is a little different. There's nothing to brag about when it comes to laying down bikes, but I have done that in the past and my kevlar-reinforced leathers and other gear, did the job, including falling 60-70 feet down a cliff into rocks, where my bike got totally... totalled... and yours truly only got a little impact wound on the shoulder, where the protection spread the impact over a large area, but it was still enough to smash the skin. But no bruises or broken bones. The trick is: let the bike go its own way. It's a lot safer to stay on your own and not let the metal drag you around.

While I think I ride a fair amount, it's not a whole lot. Especially now with 2 bikes, my mileage gets spread a little thinner. I'm weary of riding on old rubber, and so I got tires that should give me 4-5 years of riding. If I went with something that would give me 20k miles, I would need close to 10 years to get there, at which point they would get pretty old and hard. So I opted for something stickier. Same on the sport bike: I went with supersports. I know, if I get 8k miles out of them, I should feel lucky, but that will take me 5 years at the current pace. I also do the same on my car. I run Goodyear's RS-A tires with treadwear 260. 20k miles is about all you're gonna get out of them (especially the way I drive), but again: that takes me about 5 years since we put most mileage on wife's car.
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Re: beefier rear shocks for 1995 XV1100?

Post by ViragoJoe » Mon Nov 23, 2020 1:05 pm

Trust me, I wore my tires out way before their life span limit of around 6 years.
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