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Advertising completely removed for registered members

Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 6:33 pm
by Rob
Hope everyone is enjoying this memorial weekend. I have tonight off work so I am sure enjoying a paid day off work =)

Great News! I have made it so the forum side of the website will be more user friendly and less cluttered even more by removing advertising for registered members. So if you are a registered member and logged in you should no longer see any advertising on the forum part of I have yet to redesign the side of the website with the dr piston and VOC archives so you will still see ads on that area until I get the redesign done on it then I will be making it the same way.

As long as we can scrape by on revenue from guest ad views and clicks as well as donations I will continue to make the site as user friendly and enjoyable as possible. Where most our revenue actually comes from is not ad views really but by people actually clicking on the ads. So if you see something on an ad that interests you check it out!! It helps support our website and keep us online!

Thanks to everyone who uses! Have a safe and fun Memorial Weekend!