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"Prolonged Hard Starting (Cranking) " Catastrophic Affects - Virago 1100 [INFO.]

Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 7:19 am
by ViragoJoe
Prolonged hard starting can and will destroy a starter! "Gets too HOT!"
Pictures below of a starter showing the results of continued hard prolonged starting (Cranking) and the damage associated by such action and by not letting it cool down.

1st picture: notice brush at 3 O'clock doesn't even touch the armatures commutator anymore. Where brush at 6 O'clock does.

2nd picture: shows scraping of the commutator.

3rd picture: chunk missing from commutator. Solenoid on the starter also required replacing. As the Starter was opened, debris fell out of the starter.

Symptoms: Starter proceeded to start the bike normally. Bike for one reason or another would not start. Rider continued to press the start button repeatedly with prolonged hard cranking of the starter. Then a loud screeching occurred. After that, total silence. Except, for the under seat relay clicking every time the starter button was pressed.

Suggestion: If hard Starting (Cranking) conditions become necessary. Remember to allow your Starter and Solenoid time to cool before trying it again. Think about how pooped you would become, if you had to manually kick start two 500+ cc jugs!!

This situation of prolonged Hard Starting [Cranking] can create needless dollars being spent.

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