1986 XV1100 float adjustment [CLOSED]

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Re: 1986 XV1100 float adjustment [CLOSED]

Post by ViragoJoe » Thu Mar 21, 2019 9:16 am

 Meason wrote:Why do you suspect a float level issue? This should not change unless you have replaced or messed with the float needles in some way.
You are just repeating (The_Proletariat) statement #6. Which is understood. If it isn't broken don't try to fix it! Sprintman111 needed assistance for something wasn't right with his carbs.

The topic discussion was to provide solutions to his questions. Look at Sprintman111 post #8 below.:

"My floats on my 86 xv1100 are OK now. Just wondering bc I was looking at a new Virago project that I might buy and may have to go thru it all again.
The problem on my bike turned out to be gas logged floats! After much dicking around we found that the floats would hold position initially but would then gradually sink down and flood the carbs. Bought some new ones on ebay and that fixed the problem."

That explains the reason for this topic (Sinking Floats). If you aren't having any issues with your carburetors. Then you do nothing and leave them alone.
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