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97 Virago 1100 Running Poorly [PENDING INFO]

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Paul H
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97 Virago 1100 Running Poorly [PENDING INFO]

Post by Paul H » Wed Sep 25, 2019 4:19 pm

Here's my story. I purchased a 97 Yamaha Virago 1100 in April. When I bought the thing I had this feeling something wasn't quite right. It ran okay for maybe 1000 miles. Then it started sputtering and just not running quite right. Then it started missing. Thought I had bad gas. Got the bike home checked the plugs. The front plug looked fouled. Changed plugs. Same thing. Replaced both coils ran a little different but still not right. Put carb rebuild kit in the carbs. Ran like crap after that. Left bike sit for about 3 weeks waiting for an opening in a local bike shop to have them take a look at it. Fired up the bike one night and WTF it ran perfect. Put on about 400 miles in the next couple weeks and every time I drove it the thing ran a little different till the one day at about 3000 to 4000 RPM it was like it was dropping a cylinder. I brought it into the cycle shop and the guy adjusted the valves and synced the carbs and it really ran like crap after made no difference. He determined that the CDI or brain box was bad. He opened the CDI Box and sure enough there was a crack in the circuit board. Now we are thinking oh yeah bad cdi. I purchased a used cdi. Got a call from the cycle shop today. He said have some good news. Put the new brain box in and it runs good. Picked up the bike at lunch time and it ran okay for about a mile and a half and the longer I rode it the worse it ran. Idles fine and as soon as you get to 3000 rpm it starts to run poorly. The only difference is when it starts to run bad now I can crank on it and it will com out of it. I'm very frustrated. Goes back into the shop tomorrow. I'm about to the end of my rope. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. It has good compression on both cylinders. 155 lb

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Re: 97 Virago 1100 Running Poorly

Post by ViragoJoe » Thu Oct 10, 2019 11:05 am

You've already covered mostly everything that we would have suggested doing.

At the moment, can't think what it could be.

But, who did the carburetor work for the rebuild kits? You or the shop you took it to?

What brand plugs and number are you running in the bike and there gaps?
1996 XV1100SH Virago Special
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