1984 XV700 Single Carb Setup (Logan, Utah)

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1984 XV700 Single Carb Setup (Logan, Utah)

Post by qpermenter15 » Tue Apr 13, 2021 10:17 pm

Hey Guys,
I'm new here so I'll do an introduction. I live in Logan ut, I restore bikes on the side to keep my hands busy but normally work on hondas.
I have an 84 XV700 that I am working on and that has given me some problems lately. Here is what I'm working with.
I had a dual Hitachi carb set up but ditched it when I saw that it came with a pilot pipe and not a pilot jet that I could change. I got a single carb converter that many people have done and got a VM30 Mikuni carb to go with it. I had to get a universal throttle cable which works for now (open to more suggestions) and am running a K&M pod filter on for the intake. I've seen this exact same setup on other bikes but today I went to go start it up after I cleaned out the tank from all the rust real well and it just wouldn't go. It turns over and I'm getting good compression and good spark from the plugs.
Does anyone have this or a similar setup and could help me? I'm leaning towards having to rejet the pilot and maybe the main jet? I just have the stock (250 main, 40 pilot) jets in it right now.

I attached a picture of the bike as well as the single carb converter and the mikuni carb that I got as well as the pod filter that I am running on it.
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Re: 1984 XV700 Single Carb Setup (Logan, Utah)

Post by ViragoJoe » Wed Apr 14, 2021 5:51 am

Welcome to Virago Help.

There's some information here on single carb conversions. I myself am not a fan of single carb conversions. Too many variables that affects how the bike will run (smoothly or not).

Some folks have good results, others do not! A lot of trial and error scenarios. To many variables. What manufacturer's intake manifold is being used and the carburetor manufacturer chosen and carburetor size. Then which jets to use is another story.



The Virago Single Carb Chronicles

app.php/the-virago-single-carb-chronicl ... 1a3ae0bb5a

Virago Hitachi Carburetors

app.php/virago-hitachi-carburetors?sid= ... 1a3ae0bb5a

Virago Mikuni Carburetors

app.php/virago-mikuni-carburetors?sid=7 ... 1a3ae0bb5a

In the search box above type in single* (with the asterisk). It will bring up some information on single carb conversions and the results. Hope this helps you.

When changing the design regarding carburation and exhaust on a Virago there are always consequences.

Folks think they are going to improve upon what Yamaha engineers spent large sums of money on to make work.

Virago owners find that they have spent a lot of money and really didn't improve on the design and caused themselves a lot of frustration and aggravation by trying to go with a single carburetor conversion. Each model cc Virago will run differently when a Single Carb conversion is introduced. So, what is done on an XV1100 will most likely not work the same on an XV750 or XV700. Like I said, earlier it is trial and error.

I do like to hear what people have done with Single Carb conversions that could possibly change my mind about them.
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Re: 1984 XV700 Single Carb Setup (Logan, Utah)

Post by qpermenter15 » Wed Apr 14, 2021 12:46 pm

Perfect! I read through the links you sent and I think the most I got out of it is that it is going to be a trial and error type of thing. the reason that I went with the single was because I was running a non OEM air filter or intake and I could not adjust the pilot screw because of that specific type of pilot jetting that Hitachi did for the carb.
I think what I am going to try and do is try bigger pilot jets and adjust the air/fuel screw and see if I can get it to start up from doing that. When I tried to start it on all stock settings with the single carb set up I pulled the plugs and they were all dry and slightly white. So I figured that would lead me to having a more lean condition right off the bat which I expected since I am running a pod filter and not an air box.

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Re: 1984 XV700 Single Carb Setup (Logan, Utah)

Post by Xv700holyc » Fri Apr 23, 2021 10:44 pm

I got a BIP manifold with the VM 30 carb. It's been good. Mine started with a 160 main jet. But the plugs were too rich and sooty. I'm now running a 130 main jet and it seems fine. Mechanical choke is good.

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