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Anything NOT about the Yamaha Virago

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Posting- First post must be approved

Post by Rob » Sun Jun 28, 2015 4:05 pm

I had to change the format to making anyones first post they make to be approved by a moderator. I had to do this due to the spam bots that have been posting garbage here. I catch it pretty quick but im not perfect. This will solve the problem. Sorry for not being around much but life has been a bit strenuous is all I will say. My XV750 is dead at the moment. Starter is shot and still have the tci issue. Think it still needs them, transistors I couldn’t find. Cant afford to buy a starter so I guess im going to part her out. :cry:
If anyone needs xv750 virago parts let me know. 1982 gen 1. I will list what you want on ebay so you can buy it. Some nice parts on this bike and it has low miles only 14k. I just cant afford to fix her im too damn poor.
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