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World done went crazy!!

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World done went crazy!!

Post by Rob » Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:37 pm

This is the off-topic section and I am bored as shit right now and feel like blabbing about some of this stuff I see daily on the news.

It seems like almost daily there is just the craziest crap going on. I just got done seeing something about some nutbag that went up to a police car and discharged 13 rounds into a marked cop car!! They don't know if it was terrorist related yet... which brings me to the crazyness going on... terrorism happening daily. Normal folks just going about their day and them. bam! Next thing they know there are bullets flying all around them.

My question is this????

Is the world spiraling down into madness or does it just seem that way because we have several channels dedicated to up to the minute news stories????

Let me know what you guys/gals think please. I am quite curious. Also a heads up on the holiday donating idea... no-one donated for it and I called the church trying to give$20 in giftcards for walmart I made doing surveys and such online and they declined... :shock: Said they only take cash donations.
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