Thanks to all who have helped! We have until end of March to pay for the server. As of right now we are only about $160 short. So we are very close. I'm sorry I can't cover it but my personal situation is bad bad. Ride safe if it's warm enough out where you are because it has been freezing here in Michigan. Take care of yourself and yours.

SWAN SONG (In days! 3/31/23)

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SWAN SONG (In days! 3/31/23)

Post by ViragoJoe » Sat Feb 25, 2023 2:55 pm

To all,
It has been a pleasure trying to help others keeping their Virago's running. And many thanks to those who have educated me along the way, Cuz, I didn't always have all the answers. I too, am still learning about these wonderful bikes.

But, looks like Swan Song is upon us, I'm sad to say. Due to major health reasons, Rob can no longer foot the bill and cover the costs to keep this site alive without outside funding via donations. As of today 2/25/23: I do not know the financial status of the Virago Help Website, only Rob does, and in 4 days this website may be gone. :(

I just wanted to say thanks to Rob and all of you for the Virago Help Website may go dark on 3/1/23. I've made a lot of friends here. Those of you, who have my email stay in touch.

Good Luck to all :!:

Joe a.k.a. ViragoJoe
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Re: SWAN SONG (In 4-days! 3/1/23)

Post by Rob » Sat Mar 11, 2023 11:55 am

Firstly , thank you to everyone who has helped this site over all these years! You all have been the back bone for Sorry for not making exact date n funds needed clearly. I have until end March to have funds together. Im in communication with server provider hoping i can make a big payment and them keep providing services and give me an extra 30 days to pay the rest. Fingers crossed. We are damn close to getting enough funds already. Need less than 200. I think it was $160 when I did the math other day. I know it's not alot but my personal situation is bad... i can't pay my own bills let alone the websites. When I was making 5 grand a month for years I had no problem paying for it. My damn health is just bad... personally I don't know what I am going to do but if i could whore myself out on a street corner to keep Viragohelp going i would. (Tried making it a little funny) since day 1 I bet I have put in few thousand hours counting building of the site then improvements over the years. Hell I have had spent lots of that time keeping us safe. Did you guys know we have had Russia and China blocked for many many years? It's where 90% of the hacking attempts come from. Crazy. So yes we are close. If things don't pan out i will be refunding all the donations likely in April to May. God i hope it doesn't come to that. So I hope this clarifys things some for everyone. I miss riding so much.... I've poured my soul into the site and if it died so would part of me. Love you all and ride safely if your weather permits. Peace ✌

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