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Virago Tires

To start, Virago tires should be round. They should not be square or develop a rectangular appearance. If they do, it makes for a lousy ride and just kills your suspension. Round is good.


I guess I could easily devote the entire page to this topic but I absolutely will not!! I will give an overall view of my experience and let the reader have enough room to make a good decision on his/ her own.

In general, a tire designed for high mileage and less tread wear, sacrifices traction on dry pavement and vice versa. I specify “dry” pavement because there are so many other factors built into wet weather traction that a blanket statement is not fair in this case. Tread groves (shape and cut) amount of wear, and pressure make a much greater difference than when compared to dry conditions.

Although a tire reaches its optimum traction capability when it is run at design temperature, heat is a killer of tire rubber. There is always that compromise between too much and too little heat. A rider that jumps on and hits the twisties hard before getting into fifth gear is at a greater risk of learning how to slide than one who rides moderately for five minutes or so (to bring the tire to operating temp) before peg scraping.

An under inflated tire will also generate a tremendous amount of tread killing heat due simply to all the unwanted flexing that goes on. I like to approach, or be at the max specified pressure as measured on a cold tire, before setting off. This becomes more important as the load, as in two up riding, increases.

The manufactures are now claiming they are designing tire carcasses that don’t develop as much heat (a major tire destroyer) and as a result, they can use softer rubber compounds that will give max traction and higher wear at the same time. That was Avon’s claim about their Azzaro line and now Metzeler says the same about some of their line.


Bob Ratcliffe


 Virago Tires by Bob Ratcliffe


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