Virago Throttle Lock Install

People have indicated that they had a problem mounting the cruise control over the flange portion of the hand grip when performing a Virago Throttle Lock. This may be a result of the type of control which they chose.


       There are several different types of cruise controls, but the one that works the best on the Virago is the "Universal Vista Cruise" which sells for about $30.00. Ask your local VOC Dealer/Member to order it for you if he does not have it in stock . . . it will cost you less with your VOC discount than if you order it through a discount house with shipping charges added. Total installation time should be approximately 15 minutes for the mechanically inclined and about twice that for others. It relatively easy to install.


       It comes with three basic parts: Mounting clamp, throttle locking device and connecting arm which ties the first two together.

1)  Loosen the brake fluid reservoir/mirror assembly and sliding it inboard on the bar to create a 5/8" gap and re-tighten.
2)  Take the two piece mounting clamp and install it in that space.
3)  Install the connecting arm to the mounting clamp.
4)  Slide the throttle locking device onto the hand grip using one of the two rubber spacers provided and align with the connecting arm.
5)   Assemble and tighten all screws and adjust the locking tension nut.

       This is a very simplified assembly procedure, but the unit does come with detailed instructions, if more explanation is needed. The purpose of the two rubber spacers is to compensate for different size hand grips and the only problem which you may encounter is if you have over sized grips. Then you simply take the thinner rubber spacer and with a sharp utility knife, cut the spacer to fit your hand grip.


       The installed cruise control is operated by a flip of the right thumb when the throttle is at the desired cruising speed. The cruise control can be overridden manually or by another flip of the right thumb to disengage it. If you've never used one, you will not believe the comfort of being able to release that right hand on longer stretches. Tension is adjustable so make sure that the holding power of the lock is sufficient to hold the throttle from moving yet not so tight that you cannot override the throttle in an emergency situation.

Something to keep in mind:

1) Avoid using your throttle lock within city limits.
2) On long trips do not use cruise control if you are becoming stare crazy.
3) Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you so that you have time to react in an emergency.