Virago Taillights Conversion to V-Star

V- Star Taillights On A Virago

Just finished the rear turn signals job on my Virago. Looked at my Virago Taillights, just thought I would give the owners out there another idea on the move. Thanks to the new V-Star and Road Star, there are some new parts out there on Ebay and in salvage yards. I got the rear turn signals, mount and taillight for a V-Star off ebay. Ended up with $75.00 invested in good used parts. The good part is when you get over the shock of drilling holes in your fine looking machine, the new parts cover the old stock holes pretty good . I got some plat plastic plugs to put in two of the stock holes, and they don't really show at all. I also added a chrome grill to the new light and it made a great job look even better.Hope this gives someone out there a new way they like better. I have also sent you a couple of pictures so you can see the job, for yourself. Oh and I added two small red reflecters where the old turn signals went. You can never get to much accent for the night.Want everyone to know just where I am, safety first. Use the photos how ever you think is best . Just wanted to share my good fortune. I'm very proud of my Virago and I love riding it more than any bike I have ever riden. And been on bike for about 40 years.

V-star Taillights on a Virago V-star Taillights on a Virago

V-Star Taillights on a Virago