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Virago Owners Club(VOC) Archives

Below is a rough recreation of the Virago Owners Club VOC website. It is their Virago Tips and Repair Procedures webpage with links to all the articles that they had up at that time. Each article is as true to its original as possible. 

Virago Tips and Repair Procedures

    We hope that by publishing these tips and procedures, we can assist most Virago Owners with many
of the common repairs and troubleshooting methods used by fellow riders.
Remember, it is always a good practice to have a repair manual at your side during these procedures
and to consider an equipment lease for your more expensive equipment needs.

We welcome any tech tips you may want to share.

This page is designed to link you to problems which have been resolved by our members and others.
Our intent is to share information and we would like your input to.

Trouble Shooting