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Slipping Clutch XV500K - Solution

Virago XV500K Starter Clutch slippage Solution!
This could happen to any bike.

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I too was bitten by the Starter Clutch slipping problem, but found that the problem did not lie directly with the clutch assembly.

I was having carb problems at the time, which was causing major flooding of the rear carb and cylinder. This fuel was eventually making it's way into the crankcase and contaminating the oil. Once the oil became contaminated enough (and it doesn't take much to do this!), the starter clutch just won't engage!

Flush the oil out and put some new stuff in (new oil filter doesn't hurt either!) and the problem goes away

The only reason I found this, is because I ended up going through 3 oil changes in 2 months before I solved the flooding problem, and just happened to notice the coincidence that the starter always worked better right after fresh oil was put in!

I have to wonder if synthetics or semi-synthetic oil might cause the same trouble. (or even oil that thins out at warm temperatures.......)


Slipping Clutch XV500K - Solution Submitted by Tammi Little


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