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Server renewal is at the end of April of 2021. Less than a month away. The site is using more cpu on our current plan than allowed for. So the plan needs to be upgraded upon renewal. It is up to the ViragoHelp community to keep things going. This site has been providing help for 6+ years. I hope to see it continue to help Virago owners. Thank you to those who have helped support the site and future supporters.
☆Update☆ only $95 more needed you can do it!
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Join us in keeping the Yamaha Virago alive.

We have added 24 articles that used to exist on the Dr. Piston website. We also have 36 articles created from the old VOC (Virago Owners Club) site that have been brought back to life. Both Courtesy of ViragoJoe and untold hours of me reformatting the articles to this sites layout.

There is still more Yamaha Virago content I am told so be on the lookout.

Hopefully bringing this data back online will help us Virago owners keep these bikes on the road.

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