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Petcock Diaphragm Repair

'How to' Petcock Diaphragm Repair

I have a fix to add to your repair page which should save time and money for early Virago owners with leaking fuel taps caused by the diaphragm assembly going bad and leaking fuel. Yamaha does not sell the diaphragm separately and new taps are expensive. Some do sell an aftermarket diaphragm part that is heavier and makes a loud taping noise as I found out, so I kept looking around and I found out that Kawasaki carries diaphragm valve assembly part #43028-1021 which is identical to the original for around $13.00. Please pass this along. This works in my 82 920 "Eurago" and should help early 750 riders also.

Petcock Diaphragm Repair Submitted by John Gavar

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