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Dr. Piston Article Archive

The Notorious Dr. Piston

The notorious Dr. Piston

A great guy nicknamed Virago Joe asked me if I could get these archives back online. After not much though I came back to him and said I could do it. Well... here we are. I have all the Dr. Piston info that he had saved now back online!. If you look below you will see various links. Scroll down and you will come to a menu that says Dr. Piston Archives. That is everything I was given for now. If anyone happens to have some more Dr. Piston stuff I do not have here I would happily put it up and add it to the collection with credits going to you for bringing it to light! I hope you find what information we have here helpful. 


Dr Piston old site page
The Virago Single Carb Chronicles
81 – 83 Virago Starter Systems
84+ Virago Starter Systems
Virago Carburetor CV
Virago Hitachi Carburetors
Virago Mikuni Carburetors
Virago Fuel Systems
Virago Ignition Systems
Virago Charging Systems
Virago Battery
Virago Suspension Systems
Virago Wheels and Tires
Virago Brakes
Virago Brakeline Replacement
Virago Aftermarket Pipes
Buying A Virago
Virago Engine Swaps
Virago Engine Rebuilds
Short Takes–Misc. Subjects/Fixes – Virago Tips
Mistakes in documentation
Virago XV 535
Virago Humor?? You be the judge