Thanks to all who have helped! We have until end of March to pay for the server. As of right now we are only about $160 short. So we are very close. I'm sorry I can't cover it but my personal situation is bad bad. Ride safe if it's warm enough out where you are because it has been freezing here in Michigan. Take care of yourself and yours.

About Us

A little back story…. I was approached  by a good guy named ViragoJoe. He had mentioned to me that there was some important Virago information that was no longer online any more. I thought about this and mentioned to him that I was a self taught coder/website builder. After a little back and forth I decided to go ahead and get the ball rolling to bring this information back online.

I have worked hard getting the Dr. Piston and VOC(Virago Owners Club) information back online. I have put in a ungodly amount of hours into bringing this site together and this likely wont change much. The only Virago information on this site that is from other sources will only be the Dr. Piston and VOC archives. Everything else will be made by me or by members of the site.

A great guy who really deserves a pat on the back is Virago Joe. He is the guy who initiated bringing this great site online. On top of that he has been here since day one helping moderate the site as well as spending tons of his time helping Virago Owners fix issues that they are having with their bikes. Without him this site not only wouldn't exist, but likely there would be no one to answer the many questions people have. I work 3rd shift sometimes 60 hours a week so I just do not have the time nor the experience Joe has. So if you get a chance please give Joe the thanks he deserves!!

We do not expect a thing for our time we spend on this site except the satisfaction that we helped another Virago Owner fix his/her bike. However… the hosting and domain registration is something that we could really use help on.